Following a concerted effort to build a repository of appropriately sourced and pedigreed specimens, performing evaluations of proposed incidence assays, supporting the discovery and development of new biomarkers, and developing tools, analysis, and guidance, CEPHIA has published a review of recent progress and the current juncture. In addition to reviewing substantial progress that has been made on numerous fronts, the article outlines significant challenges to facilitating routine access to reliable tests for recent infection that could support surveillance in all but the most high incidence contexts; namely relating to regulation and policy, laboratory standards and quality assurance, and global coordination.

Moving towards a reliable HIV incidence test – current status, resources available, future directions and challenges ahead. G. Murphy, C. D. Pilcher, S. M. Keating, R. Kassanjee, S. N. Facente, A. Welte, E. Grebe, K. Marson, M. P. Busch, P. Dailey, N. Parkin, J. Osborn, S. Ongarello, K. Marsh, J. M. Garcia-calleja. Journal: Epidemiology & Infection, DOI: 10.1017/S0950268816002910.