The Bio-Rad Geenius HIV1/2 Supplemental Assay, sometimes referred to as a rapid test version of an HIV Western Blot, provides multiple bands of reactivity which are read under standard lighting conditions. An extensive CEPHIA evaluation of an off-label use of (based on research-only access to) the individual band intensities suggests that there is sufficient dynamic in this platform for uses other than diagnosis – namely infection staging for incidence, are feasible, and could be further explored.

Performance of the Bio-Rad Geenius HIV1/2 Supplemental Assay in Detecting “Recent” HIV Infection and Calculating Population Incidence. Keating SM, Kassanjee R, Lebedeva M, Facente SN, MacArthur JC, Grebe E, Murphy G, Welte A, Martin JN, Little S, Price MA, Kallas EG, Busch MP, Pilcher CD. Journal of Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndromes 73(5), 581-588.