Review of current progress

CEPHIA publishes review of current progress towards reliable tests for ‘recent infection’ which can form the basis of informative incidence surveillance applications

Following a concerted effort to build a repository of appropriately sourced and pedigreed specimens, performing evaluations of proposed incidence assays, supporting the discovery and development of new biomarkers, and developing tools, analysis, and guidance, CEPHIA has published a review of recent progress and the current juncture. In addition to reviewing... [Read More]

Performance of Bio-Rad Geenius for detecting recent infection

CEPHIA publishes analysis of performance of the Bio-Rad Geenius HIV1/2 Supplemental Assay in detecting “recent” HIV infection and calculating population incidence

The Bio-Rad Geenius HIV1/2 Supplemental Assay, sometimes referred to as a rapid test version of an HIV Western Blot, provides multiple bands of reactivity which are read under standard lighting conditions. An extensive CEPHIA evaluation of an off-label use of (based on research-only access to) the individual band intensities suggests... [Read More]